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Our Name

what does your name mean?

The Bible tells a story about a vision Isaiah had and this story has inspired our name…

I, Isaiah, saw a vision of God. His holiness was so brilliant it wrapped around him as if a beautiful song. The room could not contain Him. I was frightened for I knew I was not pure enough to speak to Him. Nothing I could do and no one I knew could make me right in His eyes. Then an angel picked up an ember from the fire of the altar. He flew to me and touched it to my mouth and said, “ “When this ember touched your lips, your guilt was taken away, and your sins were erased.” It was as if a redeeming kiss fell upon me. Then I heard the Lord’s voice say, “Who can I send? Who will go for us?” Gratefulness, humility and love overcame me. So I said, “Here I am. Send me!” Offering myself to Him as ink in a pen, subject to the writer, so His story of redemption gets told.

(Creative adaptation of Isaiah 6:1-8)

This story has inspired us to become EMBER INK.

The ember being God’s redemption which is the fire and passion of this ministry.

And INK is to tell a story or leave a mark. This is our ministry’s statement of faith, to share God’s redemption so it stays with whoever will hear it!

YWAM Ember Ink is an extension of YWAM San Francisco Bay Area, which is a diverse family of ministries who seek to engage the cities of the Bay Area with a loving God.
Ember Ink is a 501C3 organization under YWAM San Francisco Bay Area.