Ember Ink | Financial and Legal Agreements

Financial and Legal Agreements

This forms contains various information that you must be in agreement with before attending one of our schools.

DTS Payment Schedule:

Course Deposit – $600; Due within 3 weeks of acceptance (non refundable)
DTS Course Cost – $4,500; Due before or upon arrival (includes tuition, room and board during lecture period)
Outreach Costs – $2000 – $4000; Due week 5 of DTS – covers airfare, food and accommodation (Exact price to be determined when location is decided)

Notable Exceptions:

Application for Visa –  You will be instructed on your visa process after being accepted including application costs.
Personal Transportation – Travel needed to get you to San Jose are not included in the cost of the school.
personal living expenses You will need to budget for all personal costs (toiletries, postage, phone calls, etc)
Health and Travel Insurance – You are responsible to have health coverage and have an option to purchase travel insurance to cover travel during the DTS


Refund Policy:

Application – Non Refundable
Course Deposit – Non Refundable


DTS Course Cost:

– If before commencement – complete refund of all course cost.
– If after commencement then during:
– 1st week > 80% of course cost
– 2nd week > 60% of course cost
– 3rd week > 40% of course cost
– 4th week > 20% of course cost
– 5th week and after > no refund


By ticking this box, I confirm that I understand payment of the required course costs must be made on or before my arrival, unless otherwise arranged with Youth With A Mission – Ember Ink, and I agree to do so.

By ticking this box,  I also confirm that I am fully aware of the refund policy and my financial obligations in choosing to do this school. I therefore accept all responsibility for all fees and personal expenses incurred during my involvement with Youth With A Mission – Ember Ink.