Ember Ink | PROJECT: YWAM Neighborhood Center

PROJECT: YWAM Neighborhood Center

YWAM Neighborhood Center in Downtown San Jose

For the last 9 years Ember Ink has been focusing on grassroots work in a small pocket of Downtown San Jose. The main objective has been to immerse ourselves in the neighborhood, working with at-risk youth and families. We have been running all of our programs, ministry efforts and offices out of 2 houses in a one block radius to intentionally focus on the surrounding neighbors.


YWAM San Francisco Bay Area is believing for more locations across the Bay Area. With San Jose being the largest city in the Bay Area, we are stirred to “expand our tent pegs” (Isaiah 54) and open up a YWAM Neighborhood Center here in San Jose in 2019.

Leasing a facility will allow us to grow our existing ministries and develop more programs and services to the neighbors around us!

Our neighborhood is nestled on the edge of a quickly expanding San Jose City Center. There is a diverse mix of latino families, young working families and college students who all call it home. Since we moved here in 2012, God has been giving us a growing heart for our neighbors and the city. We believe the time is NOW to put a stake in the ground and pave the way for more possibilities for YWAM here in San Jose.


This is an investment in seeing God’s Kingdom expand in our city. Let’s provide more space for people to connect with the love of Jesus!

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Have you every walked or drove through your neighborhood and dreamed what it would be like if all your neighbors have had a chance to hear about Jesus? Would it be cleaner? Would it feel more friendly? Would the atmosphere be one of hope and promise?

Every day as I meander through the neighborhood, whether talking to someone or strolling into a local market or restaurant, and I see what COULD BE  if painted with the brush of Jesus’ love. 

We have spent the last several years building relationships, getting to know people, and even seeing some come to know Jesus! But IMAGINE adding to that a place where people can gather and where families can interact.IMAGINE a place where people are fully accepted and loved, just because Jesus loves them.IMAGINE a place offering a variety of resources to people because of a collaboration of organizations and ministries that want to see God’s love imparted to others.IMAGINE, not a building, but a gathering space for a community. Thats what we’re aiming for.


We don’t have a specific place in mind but we have a specific area where we see our ministry being most effective. Our plan is to raise $300,000 and have it ready so that when we find the building, we can act! Buildings in our area are hard to come by, so we want to be ready! We also know that most of these buildings are not set up for what we need, so we will need some money to build things out the way that we need it to be.


You can be a part of this happening! You can invest into seeing MORE OF GOD’S LOVE SPREAD here in San Jose! Come be a part of this! Help us grow into the MORE that God is speaking for 2019!