Ember Ink | Parent Information

Parent Information

Youth & Families Ministry

since 2013

Our programs were created to bring opportunities for our neighborhood families to have a safe, fun environment where kids and youth can learn, create and be themselves as they grow into the person they want to be.

Being located in a neighborhood where youth are considered “High Risk” for gangs. We decided to create a program for kids and youth aged 6-17 that is a safe environment so our neighborhood kids wouldn’t get up to mischief. Our heart is that the whole family gets involved, as we value relationship above all!

As we researched, we noticed there were lot of after school programs but very rarely on the weekends, which is where most kids tend to get into trouble. So we decided to create a safe and fun environment where kids can hang out on a Saturday and throughout the week.

As we are a part of creating healthy alternatives, we are committed to see our community grow, encouraging and affirming the originality, ingenuity, vision and talent in each of our youth. We operate out of a value system to be ENCOURAGING, INCLUSIVE, SAFE, RESPECTFUL & PARTICIPATORY. We believe to champion young people as they find their passion and talents, always encouraging and coaching them in their new found skills.

With our Team leaders being musicians, artists, athletes, and the like, we have realized we could pass along some of the skills we’ve had the opportunity and privilege to learn and be exposed to. We long to see continuing growth and development in EACH young person as they are, exposed to, and given the opportunity to express themselves in new ways, giving them outlets into the arts.

Being able to do life alongside these children and to be a part of seeing them explore and express their hearts and feelings through art and fun is the heartbeat of what we do!!!