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Youth Street

What is Youth Street?

Youth Street is a place to hang out on a Saturday afternoon. Hang out, have fun and not get into trouble.


When is Youth Street?

We meet together every other Saturday from 2pm to 4:00pm. Check the calendar to find out when the next Saturday is.


Where is it at?

We meet at the Hang Out Spot in the Washington Neighborhood of San Jose. Rides are available but you will need to contact the Youth Street number (408-909-6884).


To attend Youth Street, you need to be Middle School and High School Aged (6th-12th grade). Attendees, also known as “crew”, are broken up into age groupings so they can participate in age appropriate activities. If you have siblings between Kindergarten-5th grade, check out:

Kid Street


Does it cost anything?

Youth Street is free. Occasionally we will have an event that will cost something but you will be notified if that is the case. You will need a Parent Permission Slip/Consent Form to attend Youth Street.

Sponsor a Crew

Parent Consent Form

What are the rules?

Youth Street is created to be a safe place for everyone to enjoy. We expect all crew to be:








We operate by these values and expect all crew abide by these principals.

Our hope is that any participant in this program will have adopted these values and demonstrate them in their every day life.

All Youth Street staff and Volunteers will encourage, guide and mentor the crew based on these principals.

All Youth Street Staff and Volunteers are trained by the Youth Street Leaders and are background checked and fingerprinted for the safety of the crew and the community.