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What does Creatives & Pioneers mean?

Our heart is to train leaders and creatives to use their gifts to minister wherever they are called. On your DTS experience, you will have time to explore your unique gifts and passions. You will dive headfirst into living with new friends and coming together to learn more of the heart of God for You and this beautiful, crazy, hurting world around us.

From being a part of creating extravagant set designs for our annual Halloween Festival to creating worship experiences, each expression is designed to show love to the people around us and to¬† inspire them to dive deep into Jesus’ love for them. We are intent on being a light where He plants us. This is our heart for you to be inspired during your time with us to co-create with Him!

So, whether you come fully sure of where you fit and who you are or whether you arrive lost and searching, we exist so you can take the next step towards living life with the purpose, freedom and creativity you were born for. Join us and bring your unique piece of the jigsaw puzzle.


There will be opportunities to create with one another as each one brings their gifts to the group. One of the advantages of a this DTS, is that every student attending the school has similar passions, gifts, skills and interests. There will be plenty of time during the week and on weekends to get together for impromptu times of creativity. Aside from creating the presentations that could be used in times of ministry on outreach, these sessions also provide a great way to be able to creatively process & apply what you are learning in class.


We offer a unique context where we are in the midst of a pioneering stage as a YWAM Location. We are being formed and shaped as we seek His heart for the different neighborhoods and cultures He calls us into. This context offers a chance to see how early ministry pioneering works and gives you an opportunity to help establish a young ministry. We hope that, in this stage of ministry, it inspires you to dream about what ministry you may be suited for or encourage you to become a pioneer yourself.

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