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Who can do a DTS?

Anyone who is over the age of 18 can apply for a DTS.  If you are stirred to dive into a deeper relationship with God and want to discover how to use the gifts that God gave you, then a DTS is a wonderful place to do that!

Why should I do one?

There are many reasons why people do a DTS, but some of the reasons may be to:

> To get closer to God.
> To find your identity and purpose in Christ.
> To explore your interest in short or long term missions.
> To learn to use your gifts and calling to change/impact the world.
> To travel with purpose/meaning.

If you identify with any of this, join us on a journey to find more of God’s purpose, understand His Love for you and others, and re-calibrate your life to be aligned with His will and plan instead of your own.

Can I do a DTS with my Family?

We welcome families wholeheartedly! We believe that families, and not just individuals, have a calling in missions to serve together as a family. If you believe to a DTS with us, we consider families on case by case basis and talk with each applicant about whether this DTS would be suitable for their family.

What does the schedule look like on a DTS?

The schedule and content is quite intensive therefore it may be too demanding for some individuals or families. Due to the live-learn environment, each day you will have activities with day and evening lecture times. There are also weekly corporate events such as corporate worship, prayer and Community Nights.


Do I need to live in YWAM Housing?

Yes, we foster a live-learn environment to encourage discipleship in all aspects of our life.  Through shared space, we can encourage one another to walk in the fullness of His calling.

Students and staff live in houses throughout our neighborhood. With the strategy to live in single family homes throughout the neighborhoods we work in, we intentionally engage with our neighbors making a purposeful effort to build relationships and live out what we are learning.

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