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Lectures: CAMPING

Leaving the classroom behind, we take one week of lectures to the outdoors! Basking in the beauty of nature, we see a bigger picture of God as we are surrounded by his creation.

This is an exciting adventure as we head out, rain or shine, to see what God has in store for us that week.

Outreach: Local and global

You will have the opportunity to go on two outreaches on this DTS! Find out why we do outreach HERE.

>   Outreach 1

We will be heading overseas to serve and put into action the things God is doing within your heart. Its a great opportunity to travel, serve and see how God can use you in a different context.

>  Outreach 2

This outreach will be focused more locally. This is a time to help model “Missional Living” no matter where you live. You will have opportunities to see, help start and strengthen new programs/ministry opportunities. You will be apart of helping various ministries collaborate together to impact our city.

Personal: Discipleship

 >   Mentoring

All our staff is committed to investing into the lives of our students. We intentionally have our staff to student ratio in smaller numbers as to provide more quality time with students and one-on-one mentoring times. Our DTS Staff care about each student’s growth while listening to, praying for, encouraging, and challenging them on their journey of discovering God’s call for their life.

>   Live-Learn Environment

Our school is designed to be 28 weeks, set aside, for undivided attention to God. We believe that learning does not happen just in a classroom but in life. We take this time to utilize the opportunity to practice the values and lessons being taught in our community of fellow students, staff and leaders as well as the community around us.

Theology of Place / Incarnational Living

One of our values is to be among the community, which means we live where we work, as best as we can. We identify and are one with our neighbors. And we take care of our backyard as we want to serve the community around us in downtown San Jose.

Theology of Place helps us to focus on reaching the people within walking distance of our own living space. We chose to interacting each day with those outside our front door. Location in cities gives us proximity for engagement and hopefully motivating our heart to respond to those around us. Missions done well, in our estimation, is when the missionary becomes one with the neighborhood but remaining true to the Kingdom work they are called to.


Did you know that San Jose is part of the ‘Silicon Valley’, home to the highest percentage of millionaires in the US? Home to many of the world’s largest technology corporations, its not uncommon to meet employees of Google, Apple, Ebay or Adobe.

Did you also know that San Jose has a large immigrant population?  A population that is largely taken advantage of and has much to offer us but also has great need.  Whether affluent or impoverished, whether a local or an immigrant, all people need the love, truth and hope of Jesus.

We not only believe in loving others next door to us, but we also believe that if we are aware of a need that is 6,000 miles away then we are responsible to DO something.  We believe that the right response is to be ready to act and to be obedient with whatever God would ask us.

>   Climate

San Jose, CA climate is warm during summer and temperatures tend to be in the 70’s F (20-26 C). During winter temperatures tend to be in the 50’s (10-15 C).

There is an average maximum temperature of 85 F (30 C) in July, the warmest month of the year. The average minimum temperature is 40 F (5 C) in December which is the coldest month.

San José boasts an average of more than 300 sunny days per year with the wettest month of the year being  January.

ENTERTAINMENT: What’s nearby

On your days off, you may want to explore the Bay Area as it is rich with beauty and is buzzing with activity. Below are a few ideas of things to do on your days off.

>   The Outdoors

We have some beautiful beaches, national parks and forests around. Here are a few enjoyable spots nearby that can help you relax on your days off:


>   Concert Venues

The Bay Area is constantly buzzing with concerts and shows. Here are just a few of our concert venues where you may want to go see a weekend concert:


>   Sports

We have several sporting teams here in Bay Area. The Sharks are the pride and joy of San Jose in Ice Hockey. There are also whispers of the 49ers and the A’s to join us in Football and Baseball. Here are the professional Bay Area sporting teams that you can enjoy while you are here with us:


>   Amusement Parks / Entertainment

Here are a list of a few activities that are easily accessible from San Jose:

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